Twisted Tales Horror Anthology

We, at Harren Press, are hosting Twisted Tales horror anthology! We want your twisted writings and diabolical tales that keep readers up all hours of the night, checking their closets and underneath their beds. Write us a story that’s to die for and etch a place in the annals of Harren Press’s history. Thank you to those who wish to help us fulfill this mission.




We purchase First Electronic and First Print Rights. Please remember that you can only sell your various “First” rights once, and that you will only be able to market your accepted story later as a reprint, once we have published it, which may limit where you can submit it to in the future, and how much you may be paid for it. Only you can make this business decision for yourself.


Submission Requirements/ Information

1. We are looking for short stories between 2,500-7,500 words. Any sub-genre of horror is acceptable.

2. We will pay you in token payments of 20-50 dollars for stories 2.5-4k words or 40-85 dollars for stories from 4k-7.5k words (Depends on quality and if we have quoted you a price, you will get that price). In addition, you will recieve a copy of the anthology.

3. Stories are to be submitted to [email protected] in .doc, standard manuscript format (Indent first line of paragraph, double spaced, etc). When emailing submissions type Horror Submission - Title - Author's Name in the subject line. Deadline for submissions will be on or before January 1st, 2014.

4. Send a 200 word (max) author bio with your publication history.

5. Invite preferred. If you want to be a part of this anthology, query first at the above address.