What Keeps Me Up At NIght

Posted by Matthew R. Scarlett on November 11, 2013 at 1:50 AM

It's been an hour since I have lied down, turned off the lights and snuggled into bed.  My mind keeps spinning, wondering from one thing to the next.  I always think. This would be the perfect circumstance for something paranormal to happen.  Yet, nothing has ever happened. 

I have however had a couple of scares, just enough to wake me from mydeepest slumber.  It's a dream that catches me off guard.  One that brings the coldest sweats and heaviest breathing, waking even the one I love. 

Dreams are interesting ventures. Usually muddled beyond remembrance, they still etch a hold on ourmemories vault.  Maybe this is why I am so attracted to the world of horror.  I love the fact of being scared and putting myself in those situations where everyone conjures their own will and asks what would I do! How would I escape, evade or attack. 

Yes, this keeps me up at night.  I guess you could say this helps the ingenuity of my story writing and I can’t complain. 

What I want to know is, how many other people are out there staring at the ceiling.  Going over scenarios or future stories in their heads, I can’t be the only weird one. 

Sweet Dreams,



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