What Is Harren Press Looking for?

         We are looking for authors who are interested in publishing their scariest stories, thrillers, mysteries, biographies, or experiences with the           paranormal. These can be novella (17,500-40k words) to novel (40k + words) in lenght. 

How do I submit my work to Harren Press?

Make sure your piece is in standard manuscript format. The cleaner the document the better. It’s more difficult to spot a diamond in the rough when it’s riddled with errors and those errors could cost you an opportunity so take pride in your work. When the document is as perfect as you can make it, send the manuscript along with a 1-2 page synopsis and a 200 word author bio with publication history in .doc format to [email protected]. The title of your email should read “Submission-title of book-name.”

Once we have the document, you will receive a confirmation email. Give us 2-4 weeks (possibly sooner, possibly longer depending on workload) to look over the document, discuss amongst ourselves, and get back with you. Please do not query during this time. If you haven’t heard back from us in 8 weeks, query.

No fan fiction, werewolves, vampires or obvious cliches. We want original work, something that bucks trends and doesn’t fall in line with what’s popular. If you think your piece fits this description, please send it our way and hopefully we can work together.